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Everyday we are asked over the telephone, “how much does gutter cleaning cost?” The cost of gutter cleaning in Melbourne varies from house to house. The first thing we need to know is, is your house single or double storey? Once our gutter cleaners arrive at your property we can give you an exact price before starting the work. For any single storey job that we do the minimum cost is $300, for double storey work the minimum cost is $400.

Sweeping roof Gutter Cleaning cost

Sweeping a flat roof in Melbourne. Our standard gutter cleaning cost includes removing loose debris from your flat roofs.

Our staff show much attention to detail, they will thoroughly clear all loose debris from other important parts of your roof like valleys and channels. Every downpipe will also be inspected and flushed if necessary, every year thousands of blocked Melbourne downpipes are rescued by our expert gutter cleaners! We also prune trees that are too close to your roof. It is very important to keep trees, shrubs and creeper plants clear of your roof. This includes any fixtures that are attached to your roof. See our article about tree pruning to find out more about this.

Hedge trimming gutter cleaning cost melbourne

Cutting back a bush that is causing blockages on a carport roof in Doncaster East, Melbourne.

Many roofs in Melbourne have been completely neglected for many years, this may affect the cost of gutter cleaning. When roofs haven’t been attended to for many years its likely that every downpipe could be blocked, flat roof areas will be covered in thick layers of leaves and multiple trees will require cutting back. We will happily do everything we possibly can to ensure your gutters are cleared and that other related issues are dealt with, meaning less cleaning will be required in the immediate future.

We don’t have a fixed cost for gutter cleaning because every house varies. This haystack of tree cuttings is an example of just how much rubbish we remove from roofs.

If you require gutter protection mesh, this can also be supplied and fitted. Grayson’s has our very own gutter protection system.

We have been cleaning gutters in Melbourne for many years, we look forward to working for you soon (03) 9899 5886

Massive pile of tree branches from roof gutter cleaning

It often surprises our customers when they see how much rubbish we pull down from one small roof. This big pile of branches cut back was included in the cost of gutter cleaning on a roof in Doncaster East, Melbourne.