Overhanging tree branches cause blocked gutters

When inspecting buildings for gutter cleaning we always advice our customers whether any overhanging tree branches need pruning. With your permission we will cut back these branches as we work around the roof edge. We recommend keeping all trees pruned approximately one metre clear of the gutter. Overhanging tree branches are the greatest contributor to gutter blockage. Pruning them regularly will reduce the need for ongoing gutter cleaning.

Almost everybody who we talk to on the phone about this topic will claim that, “we don’t have any trees that need pruning.” We hear this all the time, but in a recent survey of our old invoices we found that 54% of our gutter cleaning jobs involved some pruning of over hanging tree branches, we were pruning more than 5 different trees on many of these jobs.

Gutter Cleaner & Tree Pruning

Gutter Cleaner pruning a tree that’s too close to the roof