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Worst gutter blockage of 2017 found by Grayson's Gutter Cleaning
An exotic plant growing inside a roof gutter in Upwey, Melbourne.

This roof wins the prize for worst case of blocked gutters we’ve seen all year!

Recently at a house in Upwey, Melbourne we found this plant growing in a customer’s gutters.

Our cleaners had to cut out the base of the plant and then gradually uproot it. The roots had even spread under the first tiles and were growing in the eaves.  It’s well known that weeds will form in gutters, but it’s always surprising to find an exotic plant.

When a plant is this established in the gutters it’s a sign that all the nearby downpipes are blocked, the rain water is unable to drain away and stays in the gutters (or in this case the garden bed).

An exotic plant growing from a gutter that hasnt been cleaned
Shocking case of blocked gutters, the root system of this plant was spread over 2 metres of guttering. But our cleaners persist on!

The gutters on this roof are quad profile and only a few inches deep. It’s not normal for such a large plant to grow in shallow soil, we have cleaned gutters on thousands of houses in Melbourne, but we’re yet to see it all…

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