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Window cleaning in Melbourne from a ladder
Window cleaning from a ladder

It’s always interesting to see the different challenges faced by our dedicated cleaners. Grayson’s Gutter Cleaners cooperatively work together on every job, in many cases a second Grayson’s vehicle will attend the scene within one hour to provide assistance with extra equipment and more hands on deck!

The high up window in the picture is likely to have a heavy layer of dust build-up on the ledge. High ledges and window sills are part of the complete clean! The second man in the picture is using a ladder stopper tool on the ground. Our array of window cleaning tools are sourced from high quality manufacturers both in Australia and abroad. At the top of the ladder a towel is placed to protect the walls of the house.

Using even higher ladders we also cleaned the gutters. Unlike most of our competitors, Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning teams are able to call the office and ask for assistance. The most difficult out of reach gutters and windows are always on the to-do-list. The Grayson’s vehicles are fitted with large roof racks for transporting the equipment, we might be working on a house nearby so feel free to call us anytime. We have the manpower and the knowhow to get it done right!

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