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One of our staff cleaning gutters in a very awkward factory gutter
One of our staff cleaning gutters in a very awkward factory gutter

We can give you estimated prices for gutter cleaning over the telephone. As of December 2015, our minimum price for gutter cleaning on single storey buildings is $300. Our minimum price for gutter cleaning on double storey buildings is $400. Note that these minimum prices for gutter cleaning may change in future.

Gutter Cleaning 3 storey
Gutter Cleaning on a 3 storey apartment building in Box Hill, Melbourne.

Once our professional gutter cleaners arrive at your property we will conduct an inspection of your roof to provide you with the exact prices. There are many factors involved in the prices for gutter cleaning.

Some of these pricing factors are:

  • difficulty of roof access
  • how much debris is on your roof?
  • length of guttering (most houses have less than 80 lineal metres of guttering)
  • when were the gutters previously cleaned?
  • how many trees are we pruning from the roof edge?

We do not provide “cash discounts” for gutter cleaning or any of our other services. Gutter Cleaning is a difficult job that can be quite dangerous for those who are inexperienced, many homeowners injure themselves every year attempting to clean their own gutters. We are aware that some of our competitors have much cheaper prices than us. We are fully insured and also doubt that our cheaper competitors are cleaning gutters and roof plumbing to our higher standards of quality. Grayson’s has been operating from Box Hill North since 2001. Since 2001 we have seen many of our cheaper competitors appear and then quickly disappear after only a few years. On our Suburbs page there is a map of the areas in Melbourne that we service.

Call us now regarding gutter cleaning prices on 1300 472 976

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