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Recently our gutter cleaners attended a large townhouse complex in Balwyn that hadn’t been cleaned for almost 5 years. We decided to do an article about this topic.

trees blocking gutters
Overhanging trees eventually take over the roof

Gutters that have been ignored for years can become so badly blocked that cleaning them is almost like removing concrete from the gutter. After the leaf and tree debris settles in the gutter it starts to decompose, silt also washes into the gutter from roof erosion and within about 12 months much of this waste becomes a thick slimy sludge 🙂

Depending on weather and other factors, this slimy sludge starts to harden; eventually, it becomes so compressed that us gutter cleaners will have to dig it out with a small trowel that we call a “gutter rake”. No matter how muddy or neglected your gutters are we will be happy to clean them!

Gutter not cleaned for years
Gutter finally clear after 5 years of neglect

If no one has attended to your roof gutter cleaning for so long, tree pruning around the roof perimeter may also be necessary. On the building you see in our photos we cut back many trees and also flushed every downpipe, unfortunately the lack of roof maintenance has caused bigger problems for the owner.

Failure to keep roof gutters in proper working order can cause damage from your ceiling right down to the foundations. At ground level the water damage may even encourage termite infestations, many termite species thrive in moist environments.

See our Bird Proofing page for more about pest animals that can live in your roof.

termites due to blocked gutters
Neglect of your roof gutters can lead to termite infestations at ground level
termites destroy house
Major termite damage to a building structure

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