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Pest birds are a problem in Melbourne.  We’ve covered various topics including Pigeon control and Myna control.

Smaller birds like Starlings and Indian Mynas have a bad reputation for entering your roof via the gutters and nesting in the eaves. You probably won’t notice the birds are in your roof until the eggs hatch and you hear the chirping, and by then the birds can have caused significant interior damage and made quite a mess. The build up of nesting material in your roof is also a fire hazard.

Some birds carry bird lice, also known as mites. When the birds enter your roof they bring the lice with them. One bird can carry thousands of these little critters. The lice eventually go looking for a new host and may find their way into your living spaces via the walls and cavities. The bites of bird mites are 10 times worse than fleas and can cause severe skin irritation.

One of the first steps to controlling birds is to install gutter guards and other systems, which block the entry points of birds in roofs. For pigeons, bird spikes like those pictured can be also effective to stop them roosting.

Pest Bird Control Melbourne

If you would like to bird-proof your home, we can inspect your gutters and roof for potential entry points and install protective systems to prevent birds from nesting in your roof. Please see our bird control services page for more information, or contact us now.

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