Indian Myna bird proofing

The Indian Myna is an introduced pest and loves to terrorize native birds over the hollows of trees but with fewer trees around the Myna may find its way into residential and commercial roofs via any hole large enough and nest therein. Also known as “the rubbish bird” as it will collect plastic and paper rubbish to help create its nest. The Indian Myna brings a tremendous amount of rubbish into the roof and we have found over 40 litres of nesting debris from a mating pair of these pests.  These birds also carry lice which can invade the home.

Indian Myna Acridotheres tristis

After years of experience in gutter cleaning we have become experts in identifying the entry points of this bird in roofs. While cleaning the gutters we can identify the Myna entry points and block them for a small fee.

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Indian Myna nest in a roof

Indian Myna nest in a roof with eggs

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