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Bird Spikes for Pigeons, Starlings & Indian Mynas

Installing bird spikes

In the featured photo one of our staff are installing bird spikes on the awning of an upper storey window. This is to stop birds like Starlings and Indian Mynas from roosting on this ledge. We first clean the affected area before we install the bird spikes.

cleaning up bird mess bird droppings bird fouling
Cleaning the affected area prior to installation

We can also supply bird spikes for DIY installation. The bird spikes come in 50cm strips with a total of 39 individual spikes (78 spikes per metre). The spikes will not harm birds in any way, they simply deter the birds from landing.

Bird spikes DIY supply
Large quantity of bird spikes for DIY installation.

Bird spikes are not always the solution for stopping pest birds from nesting and roosting on your building. For a small fee we can inspect your premises to find the cause of the pest bird problem and then explain what needs to be done to stop it.

Indian myna nest inside a house roof in Melbourne
Indian Myna nest that we found inside a double storey house roof in Melbourne

We have found and removed hundreds of Indian Myna nests on residential roofs in Melbourne, Indian Mynas are an introduced pest species that are destroying Australia’s native birds. This is a problem that is only getting worse, pest bird species are dramatically increasing in numbers as native birds gradually disappear from metropolitan areas.

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