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quality gutter guard
Our gutter guard cut to fit the corner

High quality gutter guard can greatly reduce the need for ongoing gutter cleaning. In the early 2000s we researched local and overseas gutter guard meshes to find the best solution to the type of debris that commonly cause gutter blockage in Melbourne. We found that many gutter guards have meshes with holes that are too big and in some cases too small.

If the mesh holes are too big, too much debris will penetrate the mesh, if the holes are too small they will restrict water flow.

Our gutter guard on a flat metal roof
Our gutter guard on a flat metal roof

We have installed tens of thousands of metres of gutter guard in Melbourne and we always clean the gutters first. We use a high quality Australian made mesh that will keep out more than 99% of the debris that gathers on roofs. As full time gutter cleaners we know that even the finest meshes can eventually block up with dirt from the roofs erosion, gutter guards should be easy to remove for cleaning.

After cleaning your gutters we can recommend whether gutter guards would be suitable for your roof. We have other solutions such as tree pruning around the roof edge and installation of downpipe strainers. Downpipe strainers are often installed to stop things like tennis balls and children’s toys from entering the downpipe; these items are often thrown onto roofs unintentionally and sometimes intentionally.

2 of our staff installing gutter guard
Two of our staff installing gutter guard

We also install and service permanently attached gutter protection systems using the same mesh you see in these photos. (edited 16th July 2017)

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