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The sequence of photos below shows just how blocked a gutter can be before we clean it. The overhanging bush was cut back and we installed a permanent leaf guard onto the box gutter. This system will provide the roof with many years of tough protection. We use the highest quality materials. Each roof is carefully inspected to determine the most suitable installation method and gutter mesh sizing; we cut our gutter mesh onsite.

Trees overhanging a roof and gutter
Multiple trees have formed a ‘jungle like’ canopy over the roof.
Cleaning out an overgrown gutter
The overgrown bushes are cut back to allow the next stage in the process; gutter cleaning!
a "rainhead"
The rainhead will also be covered with gutter protection mesh, we first cover the overflow hole with a bird barrier, this is to stop pest birds from entering.
cleaned gutters
The box gutter is now fully clear.
ski-slope style gutter protection
The ski-slope style gutter protection is installed and the box gutter is fully protected. In future it will be very important for the homeowner to periodically cut back the trees.

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