Gutter Protection Maintenance and Repair of Edge Join Splitting

The long strip of mesh will cover the part of the edge that’s splitting.

 Some photos of leaf guard cleaning and repair.

The old gutter protection system in these photos was installed in the early 2000s. It has done a fantastic job of keeping the gutters clear, but there are some small cracks that we are fixing. After removing the mesh to flush out the gutter, we re-install and then conduct small repairs to restore the system back to it’s original working order! Our staff are highly experienced at repairing old gutter protection systems. The gutter cover in these photos should now be okay for another 10-15 years. In this case a different colour of mesh was used to patch over splits in the old mesh, the old colour in these photos is no longer available, we do have a choice of multiple colours.


Screwing the angle trim back over the gutter lip to hold the patch down.

Once the patch is screwed into position a bead of roof silicone completes the job!


Re-silicone of the old gutter mesh joins.

Our new Triple-G gutter mesh being measured and cut onsite!

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