Bats Contribute to Blocked Gutters and Dirty Windows

There’s an estimated 100,000 bats in Melbourne.

Did you know that bats contribute to blocked gutter problems and dirty windows in Melbourne? In this article we explain how.

Bats are freaky animals, whether it’s their fang-like teeth or their nocturnal lifestyle, people have long had reason to be scared of bats. There’s about ten different species of bats in Melbourne and an estimated 100,000 bats in total. We often tell our clients stories about the weirdest things we find while cleaning gutters, dead bats is at the top of our list of freakish things we’ve found.

See this video slideshow of some of “The things we find in gutters.”

Homeowners across Melbourne often complain about bat guano (bat poo) splattered across their windows and vehicles, it can be difficult to remove. But without these winged critters flapping around at night we’d be faced with a bigger problem; billions more insects. In one night bats consume a huge quantity of insects, they consume a particularly large quantity of mosquitos.

The skeleton of a bat found in a roof gutter in Kew, Melbourne. The skull is to the right, the fangs are clearly visible.

Like it or not, Melbourne’s bats aren’t leaving, they’re here to stay. Grayson’s Gutter Cleaners are also experts in window cleaning, with our professional window cleaning service your window panes and windowsills will be bat poo free! We also remove bat poop from solar panels and the exterior surfaces of gutters & fascia.

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