Gutter Protection Repair and Replacement

Applying silicone to an area of gutter mesh that was cracking. This fills the join.

Salvaging your old Gutter Protection Systems!

We are repairing old leaf guards in Melbourne. Many old gutter protection systems are salvageable. With a bit of TLC from our professional gutter cleaners your gutter protection system will be back in working order. We go to great effort to ensure the leaf guard is put back in its correct position, replacement is usually the last option.

Carefully screwing back down a metal leaf guard. Metal gutter mesh is usually long lasting, with proper maintenance your gutter protection system can last for decades.

Our gutter protection repair services are:-

-removing hex or Phillips head  screws and lifting the mesh
cleaning and flushing out the gutter
-replacing the old screws into the gutter lip and adding more screws if necessary (different colours available)
-re-sealing all the joins with fresh high-grade roof silicone (especially important for 10+ year old systems)
-patching up any holes or cracks in the gutter mesh with matching materials wherever possible

We are servicing all types of gutter protection every working week, call us now if you have any questions (03)9899-5886

Our Triple-G™ gutter protection.

Edited 4th of May 2018