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Inserting valley seal under concrete tiles, Gutter Cleaning Melbourne
Inserting valley seal under concrete tiles, this stops back flowing of rain in heavy storms. Unlike traditional cemented valleys, modern valley seal wont break down.

What You Need to Know About Valley Seal

Valley Seal is an innovative product that helps preserve your roof valleys, and ensures they perform as they should. Valley seal eliminates the need for expensive cement bedding.

Let’s take a look at Valley Seal, and how it can help keep your roof in top condition over the long-term.

Roof valleys explained

Roof valleys are the V-shaped metal channels that sit between the folds of the roof (where two sloped sections meet). Valleys channel water away, and prevent backwashing. They also tend to collect leaves, tree branches, twigs and bird droppings, which means they are vulnerable to corrosion, and even a small hole can lead to significant leakage.

There have traditionally been two types of valleys: wet and dry. Wet valleys have a more open profile, with the edge of tiles adjacent to the valley traditionally embedded in mortar. Dry valleys eliminate the mortar, allowing drainage over the full width of the gutter. Due to a number of issues, including mortar cracking, wet valleys are no longer approved under Australian Building Standards.

Cracked mortar gradually breaks down and slides downwards into the gutters, this causes nuisance blockages of both the gutters and downpipes. Modern Valley seal last longer and doesn’t crack away like this. Dry valleys look and perform better – and for peak performance you can maintain them with Valley Seal.

Carefully pushing valley seal under the tile edge
Carefully pushing valley seal under the tile edge

What is Valley Seal?

Valley Seal is a foam strip impregnated with bitumen. It’s installed on either side of the valley to form a barrier against water, insects, birds and leaves. It also helps to maintain the valley-edge roof tiles so they don’t need to be replaced as frequently.

One highlight of Valley Seal is that it’s pliable. Roofs can expand and contract in heat and cold, and Valley Seal moves as the roof does to prevent cracking.

 Need help?

If your roof valleys need repairing or replacing, then we’d be happy to show you how Valley Seal can help keep your roof in top shape. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice, or with any questions about roof maintenance in Melbourne 1300 472 976.

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