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This homeowner had bird spikes installed inside their gutters, this is not recommended as it will just block water flow. We have more effective and suitable bird control measures available for gutters.

The wackiest bird spikes install we’ve ever seen was inside the floor of a box gutter, learn how we can advise on more suitable bird control options!

We’ve installed bird spikes on many different surfaces. Normally bird spikes are installed onto ledges and parapet edges of roofs. Some other places where we install bird spikes are on window awnings and windowsills.
Bird spikes can also be very useful for protecting shop signage and facades. Recently we posted an article about installing bird spikes on to TV antennas. Possibly the wackiest bird spike install we’ve ever seen is inside the floor of a box gutter, we advise against placing bird spikes inside guttering, this concept is quite ridiculous because it will block water flow and make gutter cleaning quite awkward.

Bird control spikes on an antennae in Melbourne.

We get a lot of phone calls from people wanting to install bird spikes in Melbourne. Many people mistakenly believe that bird spikes will somehow solve all their pest bird issues overnight. Because bird spikes are so obviously a deterrent, they are attractive to those property owners who are on a desperate mission to protect their buildings. We explain to customers, that bird spikes are only one of the measures available in bird control. For a fee, our team can inspect your building to determine the best approach for deterring and eradicating pest birds.

If you decide to have bird spikes installed on to your building we have many different types available. Please call 1300 472 976 today.

100% stainless steel spikes also available.


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