Leaf Diverters and Gutter Cleaning

Leaf Diverters

Part of our comprehensive gutter cleaning service is removing the filter from leaf diverters and cleaning out the rubbish. This photo is an extreme example of what eventually happens to leaf diverters that aren’t cleaned properly.

Our professional gutter cleaners also clean out your leaf diverters! Find out more in this article.

Cleaning and unblocking of leaf diverters is one of the many important aspects of a quality gutter cleaning service. Leaf diverters are normally installed as part of the filtering system of rainwater tanks. Many people will have the roof gutters and downpipes of their house connected to rainwater tanks to collect water. The leaf diverter will stop larger debris items like gum leaves from going down the pipe. Most leaf and tree debris will slide off the diverter, but like any filter the leaf diverter will eventually block up.

The leaf diverter in the above photo is badly blocked; it is on a house in Glen Iris. The weed growth is caused by seeds that birds have brought onto the roof. The same house had blocked downpipes and a number of overhanging tree branches that required pruning. Our gutter cleaning service always includes unblocking of downpipes, and because the leaf diverter is part of the downpipe, unblocking of leaf diverters is also included.

Cleaning out a leaf diverter that’s joined to a roof guttering system

If your gutters or leaf diverters are blocked please call us anytime. See our article on downpipe protection.

A complete gutter cover at roof level is usually the best protection, but these systems may also require periodic cleaning.

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