Cleaning Blocked Roof Valleys included in Gutter Clean

Our gutter cleaning service includes clearing all roof valleys, it also includes cleaning all roof channels, roof sumps and downpipes. If your house is surrounded by tall gum trees you may know the frustration of seeing thousands of leaves and tree debris covering your valleys. The presence of this debris on your roof can cause major blockages to the gutters below as all the leaves become more and more compressed. Heavily treed suburbs of Melbourne, like Warrandyte and Ringwood North are particularly prone to gum tree leaves that will rapidly fill the valleys.

The cement that joins the metal flashing to the roof tiles will break away in time and also contribute to this blockage, in modern constructions a new and improved product called “valley seal” is used. We can clear unwanted debris from any residential roof valleys with our gutter cleaning systems.

Even if your gutters have been neglected for ten or more years we are happy to offer our comprehensive service.

 Cleaning Blocked Roof Valleys

Cleaning Blocked Roof Valleys

Sweeping a flat roof as part of our gutter cleaner service!