Different Roof Tiles can make Gutter Cleaning easier

Gutter Cleaning on a terracotta tiled roof

Which type of roof tiles you have on your house can make a difference when it comes to gutter blockage. About half of the roof tiles in Melbourne are concrete and the other half are mostly terracotta. In newer constructions concrete tiles are becoming more common, concrete tiles are often cheaper and are generally easier to walk on. Some types of roof tile are more likely to shift downwards, making gutter cleaning more difficult cause there’s no room to get your hands or tools inside. Even if we have to move your tiles in the cleaning process, our gutter cleaners will take every necessary step to provide you the best possible gutter cleaning service.

Here’s some useful info about concrete vs. terracotta roof tiles:-

-concrete tiles are normally heavier and stronger (but this added weight can increase labour costs of roofing installation)
-they’re easier to walk on and less likely to crack
-concrete tiles will eventually require repainting because underneath the painted surface they’re just the dull grey colour of concrete
-concrete tiles tend to erode sand and silt down into the gutter
-concrete tiles are cheaper

-terracotta tiles don’t necessarily require painting (or re-painting)
-terracotta tiles are lighter
-terracotta tiles have a nice nostalgic look and can look nicer with age (they retain their colour)
-terracotta tiles are prone to cracking and they’re harder to walk on
-terracotta tiles are made from baked clay so the colour of a terracotta tile is more natural looking

The slate shingles on this roof are too steeply laid to climb on. This is a perfect example of how some roof tile types are more awkward than others.