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Gutter cleaner spray isn’t a super popular product in Australia, but there’s quite a few varieties available for purchase in the US. Most of these products are claiming to be the ‘best gutter cleaner spray on the market’. So, we thought we’d put together a bit of an article explaining the ins and outs of gutter cleaning sprays and our thoughts on whether they’re worth buying or not. Of course, if you have any questions at all after reading this article, feel free to reach out to our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you out.

Alright, let’s find out whether gutter cleaner spray actually works…

What is a gutter cleaning spray?

Essentially, a gutter cleaning spray is a product that is marketed as a spray that will remove staining from gutters (usually the exterior/fascia areas) and generally provide an all-round powerful clean. Some claim to remove everything from black stains to dirt, mould, ‘tiger stripes’ and more.

Most gutter cleaners will advertise that they’re safe to use on metal (interior/exterior), aluminium, vinyl, plastic and a range of other materials that gutters are usually built from.

Another popular claim from these gutter spray companies is that their product is completely non-toxic and completely safe for kids, pets and the environment.

Gutter cleaning spray

How does a gutter cleaner spray work?

When you purchase a gutter cleaner spray, it will generally come in its own small spray bottle, but some companies do offer bulk packs which will require you to supply the spray bottle and transfer the fluid from the bulk bottle yourself.

Once you’ve got the spray bottle sorted, the cleaning fluid is applied to the gutter where staining and dirt has gathered. Some cleaning sprays need to be left on for a little while, others can be wiped or washed off straight away.

If all goes well, stains and dirt should be removed with the gutter cleaner spray.

Should you use a spray to clean gutters?

As mentioned above, most gutter cleaner spray companies will flaunt information about their products being completely non-toxic, made with all natural ingredients, safe for kids, pets and the environment and safe to use on a vast range of surfaces.

As with all claims of this nature, it’s important to actually take a look at the ingredients and make sure what they’re promoting is actually true. No matter how regulated an industry is when it comes to claims like these, there are always ways that companies will manage to bypass regulatory language in an attempt to make more sales at the expense of trusting consumers.

Not all companies do this, of course, but you certainly don’t want to risk having nasty chemicals flood your gutters and make their way onto your property or into your rainwater tanks. It would also be a shame for a harsh product to wear down your gutter surface or eat away at the vibrancy of the colour of the gutter material.

Also, the spray and wipe/wash process is relatively simple, but it doesn’t always garner the best results. When checking out reviews online, we noticed quite a few buyers claiming that the product “isn’t worth the money” or “didn’t do as advertised”. We can’t stress this enough…always check out the online reviews and read them carefully to try and determine whether they’re actually true or not. Often, overly enthusiastic reviews may have been paid for or written by the company itself. Again, this isn’t always the case, but it pays to do a little research.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to use a spray to clean gutters or not, but there are definitely both pros and cons worth considering.

What’s the best gutter cleaner spray alternative to remove stains from gutters?

Honestly, nothing will ever beat a quality team of gutter cleaners, for a number of reasons. You can buy all the sprays and gutter cleaning products you like but having to do the hard work yourself (climbing ladders, etc.) increases risk and danger tenfold, especially when most people don’t have the level of safety gear that qualified gutter technicians can access.

Grayson's cleaning gutters with proper safety equipment
Grayson’s team at work with proper roof safety equipment

In our opinion, the best gutter cleaner spray alternative is to hire professionals to carry out a full clean, including an exterior gutter and fascia wash, to cover all aspects of the guttering system.

This is not only for safety’s sake, but to make sure you’re working with a team you can trust to use high quality cleaning equipment and products that will cause no harm to your gutter or roof.

So, before you turn to DIY cleaner sprays to remove black stains from gutters, consider contacting us for a quote.

We’ll always be sure to take your budget into account and carry out a terrific cleaning job that will help maintain the vibrancy of your gutters and lengthen the time needed between cleans.


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