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Kleva Gutter Cleaner: Review & Info

If you’re a homeowner who cleans your own gutters, you might have heard about the Kleva Gutter Cleaner. Though it’s marketed as being the best things since sliced bread, there’s a few elements of this product that we’ve come to find are less than useful. So, we’ve packed this article full of info, including an honest review of the Kleva Gutter Cleaner product and how it actually functions.

What is the Kleva Gutter Cleaner?

The Kleva Gutter Cleaner is a telescopic pressure cleaner that’s supposed to have been designed to make cleaning gutters easier on homeowners who prefer the DIY gutter cleaning method.

It’s said to provide a powerful clean due to its high velocity spray nozzle. It has a head that rotates 180 degrees that’s connected to a telescopic pole in order to get to those hard-to-reach places. It doesn’t require any batteries or electricity – it attaches directly to the garden hose. It’s also made from lightweight aluminium so it’s not too heavy to hang onto while in use.

All of these are benefits, and should mean that this product is all it’s cracked up to be. There are, however, a few points to take into consideration that work against this being one of the best gutter cleaning tools Australia has to offer.

How does a telescopic gutter cleaner work?

A telescopic gutter cleaner is another name for an extendable pressure cleaner. It’s a nozzle on the end of an extendable pole that attaches to a garden hose and blasts water into the gutters in an attempt to clean and clear them of debris like leaves, twigs, moss and other bits of build-up. The thinking behind these types of gutter cleaning tools is that they make it easy to keep gutters clean without having to climb a ladder, get your hands dirty or outsource the job to professionals.

telescopic cleaning pole
A telescopic pressure cleaning tool

In a way, they do work where gutters aren’t particularly clogged or dirty, however, they don’t often generate enough pressure to fully remove all built up debris. They also often end up doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do – blocking gutters and downpipes further! Also note, that you will most definitely end up blasting water under your roof edge.

Does the Kleva Gutter Cleaner work?

You may recognise the Kleva name, as seen on TV and advertised online. Have you ever thought about purchasing a Kleva to clean your gutters? Here’s why you should check out reviews and do your research before jumping into purchasing one of these telescopic gutter cleaning products…

Screenshot from the Kleva website
Screenshot from the Kleva Clean website showing the gutter cleaning tool

As mentioned above, the Kleva telescopic cleaner and others like it simply cannot pump enough water pressure through the nozzle to clean gutters properly. A lot of the time, the debris is simply pushed into the downpipes because you can’t see what you’re doing. Inside the downpipes the debris is then left to clog and cause blockages inside. It’s all out of sight, out of mind, until your downpipes and gutters are full to bursting point, with water and leaves after a heavy downpour. You can’t simply flush a heavy smattering of debris down a drain – it has to go somewhere and down the drain or into the downpipe is NOT the right place for it.

If you know that the gutters are already free of debris and just need a bit of a clean to get them gleaming again, then the Kleva or another brand of telescopic gutter cleaner could work for you. If, however, you’ve got leaves, sticks, heavy moss build-up or other obstacles littering your gutters, you’re going to need a much better gutter cleaning solution.

You may also find the Kleva useful for testing a downpipe, rather than cleaning it. Simply take the Kleva and stand under the downpipe, holding the wand upwards as you flush the pipe and listen to hear if it’s flowing the way it should be.

Other than that, the Kleva is basically just a glorified garden hose. It sounds great in theory, but it doesn’t live up to the hype.

You only need to read online reviews to pick up on the tone. With phrases like “this product is useless” and “the leaves get wet and heavy and don’t blow out” thrown around, it’s definitely worth second guessing the supposed effectiveness of these gutter cleaners.

Garden hose
Most garden hoses don’t have enough pressure to power telescopic cleaning tools

What is the best product to clean gutters?

It might be old fashioned, but we believe that the best product for cleaning gutters is some good old fashioned elbow grease and a little hard work (even if we do come across some weird and wonderful stuff in the process). You just need a pair of hands, a pair of gloves, a sturdy ladder and the relevant safety gear – then you’re in business.

In a perfect world, we’d love to be able to clean gutters from the safety of the ground, but so far, we haven’t found a product (aside from our hands) that actually works effectively to fully clean gutters of debris.

How do professionals clean gutters?

You’ll find that the majority of professional gutter cleaners use the method above – getting in there and scooping out the debris with gloved hands, then jumping in with forced water to get rid of any leftover moss, mildew and lichen. If you ever see a professional gutter cleaner approaching a full gutter clean with a telescopic cleaner, it might be time to find a new gutter cleaner.


Grayson's professional gutter cleaners at work
At Grayson’s we only use hand tools to clean gutters

Here at Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning, we only clean gutters in the most effective and efficient ways. We don’t use telescopic cleaners or other fancy gadgets. We do the hard work ourselves to ensure your gutters receive a personal, professional clean.

We also offer leaf guard installation alongside our gutter cleaning services which means the number of times you need to have your gutters cleaned decreases dramatically! It may sound like we’re putting ourselves out of business by offering this service, but we’re honestly just happy to be able to make our clients lives easier and save them a little bit of cash in the process.

So, rather than opting for fad products like the Kleva, get in touch with the Grayson’s team and we’ll set you up with regular gutter cleaning services, or we’ll help find the perfect gutter guard solution for your home or business.

Either way, cleaning your gutters will no longer be an annoyance and you won’t have to worry about blockages causing overflow in your downpipes.

Don’t be another unhappy reviewer having tried a telescopic gutter cleaner with less-than-ideal results, contact us directly to arrange your next professional gutter clean by calling 1300 472 976 or heading across to our contact page.

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