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Our 2021 COVID-19 Stance Explained

We’ve had a few questions come our way over the past few months about whether gutter cleaning can still be carried out throughout lockdowns, while keeping in line with COVID-19 related restrictions. Today we’re clearing all those questions up, with a quick read so you can rest assured that what we’ve been doing and are currently doing throughout these uncertain times, is completely essential to the health and safety of Melbourne residents.

Is gutter cleaning an essential service?

Keeping gutters clean and clear is essential to ensuring your home, office or other building remains a safe and healthy environment. With more people working from home and the confinement of lockdowns just a small outbreak away at any given time, keeping homes and other properties safe is high on most people’s priority list.

While we’re certainly not claiming that gutter cleaning is as essential a service as health workers or other roles along those lines, it is still very much essential to the lives and the safety of people who are now spending the majority of their time at home.

What can happen if gutters aren’t cleaned throughout COVID-19 restrictions?

Leaving your gutters without a regular clean throughout COVID-19 restrictions can actually cause quite a few issues both in the short term and the long term.

These issues include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Damage to gutters and fixings from blockages
  • Staining to outside walls from water overflow
  • Rot to doors, windows and other timber structural elements
  • Damage to insulation
  • Damage to internal and external roofing
  • Growth of mould, moss, lichen and other spore producing fungi that can bring on allergies and respiratory issues in some individuals
  • Electrical problems caused by moisture build-up

It’s been over a year since we started having to change our lives to suit the new normal. If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned and cleared within the COVID-19 timeline, we highly suggest doing so as soon as possible. Getting to it now might mean you escape the cost of having to replace your guttering system and parts of your roofing when the next big downpour hits.

We’ve seen countless gutters on the brink of collapse, that we only get to just in the nick of time! Believe us, you don’t want to leave it that late.

Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning COVID-19 compliance 2021

Can we clear gutters during lockdowns?

Absolutely yes! Gutter cleaning is an outdoor service that is able to be carried out with social distancing and COVID-19 safe practices in mind.

We have even had in-depth discussions with local police who have agreed that gutter cleaning services must continue throughout this pandemic. They know as well as we do that if your gutters are left for years without a clean and they become blocked, it can even be considered an emergency!

How does Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning ensure COVID-19 safe practices are in place?

Like any other business, we are striving to ensure COVID-19 safe practices are in place while we carry out work on properties in Melbourne.

Here’s how we’re doing our part to help stop the spread and keep residents safe when we visit their homes:

  • All staff members carry necessary permits to provide peace of mind to residents.
  • Face masks are worn throughout the job
  • We practice social distancing and aim to keep contact to an absolute minimum
  • We provide contactless payment methods via credit card swiping or EFT
  • All work is carried out outdoors
  • We are careful to wash our hands in between jobs and carry out necessary hygiene efforts
  • Our staff members are notified of any COVID-19 related safety updates as soon as possible after they are announced

Why choose Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning for Melbourne homes?

With everything that’s happened over the past few years, we have been so very lucky to have such a wonderful client base who have supported us by keeping on top of their gutter cleaning. In saying that, we will always welcome new customers who are looking to support a true-blue Australian business in these tough times.

Our clients are our #1 priority, so you can rest assured we will always treat you and your home with the utmost care and respect.

With over 19 years’ experience in the gutter cleaning industry, we have continued to develop our process and practices and jump on board with the latest gutter cleaning innovations and tools. This allows us to provide excellent service at an affordable price.

We never complete a half-hearted job. It’s either done properly or not done at all. Our gutter cleaning technicians have all been trained to the highest degree and carry relevant licenses.

We ensure safety is always at the forefront of our minds, whether that be safety while we’re up on a roof cleaning or safety while we’re interacting with our clients on the ground, especially while we’re dealing with COVID-19 in the community.

I need a Melbourne gutter cleaning service now!

Thank you for your continued support of the Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning team throughout COVID-19. We’d have never been able to keep the business up and running without the leagues of Melburnians lining up to make sure their gutters are clean, and their homes are safe, especially while in lockdown.

If you’re in need of a gutter cleaning service in Melbourne throughout COVID-19 and beyond, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for a quote, or to book in your gutter clean today!

You can contact us online or call us on 1300 472 976.


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