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Gutter Cleaning for Property Managers & Body Corporates

For most body corporate managers, gutter cleaning is not high up on their list of priorities to personally oversee. They have many other moving parts to manage, usually across a portfolio of properties. So, when it comes to strata gutter cleaning Melbourne-wide, our goal is to take the stress of gutter management away from body corporate managers by making our services as easy as possible to access and utilise.

gutter cleaning for property managers
Grayson’s have over 20 years experience working with body corporates. In this photo from 2005, we’re using a scissor lift to access and clean a strata apartment block in Melbourne.

Why is body corporate gutter cleaning important?

Residents of body corporate properties will generally pay a certain amount towards maintenance and insurance for shared areas, which includes gutters.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance benefits every resident in a body corporate property. Whether it be a block of units, a few townhouses or a large complex of apartments, having a trusted cleaning team to call when gutters need attention is crucial to the health and safety of all people living in and visiting the residences included within the property.

A blocked gutter can do serious damage if left to its own devices, especially in properties with a strata maintenance service because the properties are generally adjoining or very close to each other. A blocked gutter on one home can easily turn into an issue that affects multiple residents, which is an absolute nightmare for property managers that could’ve easily been prevented.

Regular gutter maintenance can certainly help reduce the chances of gutter blockages occurring and causing major damage, not just to the gutters but to the foundational aspects of the homes themselves.

strata maintenance service
We also offer window cleaning as an essential strata maintenance service.

Why property managers choose Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning for strata gutter cleaning and management services

Not only do we provide an impeccable gutter cleaning service here at Grayson’s, but we also know just how valuable the time of a property manager is.

Our highly qualified and experienced gutter technicians always arrive on time (and will communicate effectively if any issues do arise). We also aim to get the job done as quickly as possible so as to cause the least amount of interruption possible to the day-to-day lives of residents.

Our quotes are highly cost-effective and are provided on time, so there’s no risk of not meeting your specific deadlines.

We approach your gutters as though they are our own, taking the time to thoroughly clean, as well as inspect the area, reporting any potential roof issues that may be likely to arise in the near future.

Photos are always taken before and after jobs are carried out and any relevant receipts/documentation are provided so you can obtain the proper evidence and paperwork for your records.

Grayson’s offers cost-effective, full service, quality gutter cleaning for property managers. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re interested in hiring a team of professional strata gutter cleaning Melbourne-based technicians for your managed properties, call us on 1300 GRAYSONS (1300 472 976) or contact us online.


body corporate gutter cleaning
Grayson’s have high ladders and the proper equipment to safely access and clean suburban apartment buildings.

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