Removal of old gutter guards

Gutter guard removal

Removing an old 1990s style gutter guard


Some gutter guards are past their time and must be removed because they have deteriorated. Removal of old guards is often totally necessary to ensure water flow in your roof gutters. Many houses still have gutter guards from the 1980s and 1990s, they are falling to pieces and warped from sun exposure. On a hot day the temperature of your roof surface can reach 60 degrees Celsius. Many modern gutter guards are better designed to cope with this harsh sun and weather exposure.

The gutter guard you see in the photo was previously manufactured in New Zealand and was available at most hardware stores up until 2009; that company has ceased manufacture. In the featured image our staff member is removing the plastic mesh so he can clean the gutters, unfortunately the guard was incorrectly installed but we will do our best to replace it properly.

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Gutter guard replaced

After removing the old guard our staff member replaces it in the correct manner.