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Our gutter cleaners are still operating during the Coronavirus pandemic

Gutter Cleaning

Yes! Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning is currently continuing despite the pandemic. Our gutter cleaners are keen to continue offering our services while it’s still possible (currently 7 days a week). We are aiming to clean as many gutters as possible before tighter restrictions come in to place. Gutter cleaning is an essential service for maintaining your home.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a big problem sweeping the globe and threatening humanity, but that said, there will always be other normal issues to deal with. There could still be a torrential downpour of rain or hailstones, meaning your home could be flooded if the gutters and downpipes are blocked. We are now recommending that you don’t put off attending to your spouting blockages any longer. Autumn leaf fall is about to hit, and when this happens blocked roof guttering will only be even worse off.

At Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning, we are abiding by the physical distancing restrictions imposed by the Australian Government. Our gutter cleaners are wearing the appropriate protection, you can remain safely indoors, and there is no need to be closely present. Our gutter cleaners can discuss the price with you via mobile phone, and we can send you the tax invoice digitally, meaning we are all kept safe from infection and spreading.

We never accept payment by cash, so our payment system is already perfectly geared to non-contact; we always encourage internet transfer as being the preferred payment option. Credit card payment via our EFT terminal is also possible, or you can post a cheque to our Gutter Cleaning head office in Box Hill North. If requested, we can send you photos of your gutter, showing just how clear they are once we’re done. As always, we will cut back overhanging trees that are obstructing your roof. We also offer rubbish removal of this unwanted debris from your site.

Window Cleaning

For window cleaning, we are temporarily only offering outdoor servicing. We can still clean the outside of your window surfaces, including fly screens and sills. High access spider webs will be dusted away from your eaves upon request! Taking advantage of outside window cleaning will greatly improve your outlook on life during these sad times.

Leaf Guards

Alternatively, having a leaf guard installed will ensure your gutters run free for the whole year. You can use our online enquiry forms and information articles to select your preferred leaf guard product and colours. Our two main options are Triple-G gutter guard or ScrewTight installations. By installing our premium leaf guards, you will be keeping your family safer, the risk of water penetrating your living space is greatly reduced. Water leakages into your house can cause excessive mildew build up and effect your breathing air quality. We’re all hearing that Coronavirus is a sickness that particularly affects those with existing lung conditions. Leaf guard protection is a great way to protect your home and keep your air quality up. For those homes running off rainwater tanks, our leaf guards will help filter out sticks and leaves from your valuable drinking water.


For more information on any of our services, call us now on 1300 472 976.

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