Flushing out Leaf Guards – Patch, Repair and Cleaning

Firstly we undo the screws that are holding the old gutter mesh down.

At a house in Kew, Melbourne, we recently serviced a permanent gutter protection system. As usual our staff went to great lengths to ensure the job was done to the highest standards reasonably possible. After carefully reattaching the leaf guard mesh they even patched up a small tear with matching high grade materials. See our recent blog post where we did a similar job on a colorbond roof with saddles.

After removing any sludge by hand, the remaining silt and residue is flushed with water.


We found a slight tear in the gutter protection mesh, our staff patch this up with a small off cut piece of matching material. The mesh colour is called Ironbark.

Using multiple screws the gutter protection patch is securely positioned.

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