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Gutter protection installers lay the gutter mesh cover on to the roof
Our staff lay the 30cm sheet of mesh on to the clip lock roof edge.

Ski slope style leaf guards undoubtedly provide you with the highest level of gutter protection possible. See our main gutter protection page for more information on our “easy to remove system.” Whichever system you choose we only use the highest quality mesh available. Find out more about Triple-G mesh here.

Gutter cover angle trims
The angle edge trim is now ready to be screwed down.

The angle trim neatly matches the colour of the gutter itself. Our expert gutter protection installers carefully ensure that one screw is used for every second roof rib, this ensures the system is fixed tight. On some installations it’s necessary to use one screw for every 25cm of trim.

Gutter protection installers working together in Melbourne
Working together!

Each piece of colour matched angle trim is about 2 metres in length. Our Triple-G gutter protection mesh has a unique reinforced edge to minimise the risk of the mesh tearing from the screw holes. This reinforced edge is mostly covered by the trim.

Screwed down gutter covers
Almost finished screwing down the edge trim. Each piece of trim is about 2 metres in length. The leaf guard mesh is much longer, it’s always long enough for any continuous length of gutter.
The finished product! Installation of ski slope style gutter protection onto a clip lock roof requires lots of screws and high quality roof silicone.

Ski slope style gutter protection looks great when complete. We look forward to every install! If you require a simple gutter clean, or repair of an existing gutter protection system, we are ready to take your enquiry.

gutter protection mesh
Grayson’s Triple-G gutter protection mesh installed onto an old tiled roof from scaffolding. Our expert staff thoroughly clean your gutters beforehand.

Call us on 1300 472 976 for gutter cleaning advice!

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