Broken tiles on my old roof, what to do can the gutters be cleaned?

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gutter cleaning on a an old roof with broken tiles
Experienced roof workers will recognise a sensitive roof immediately upon inspection.

An understandable concern for home owners is the integrity of their roof tiles. This is particularly true for owners of older homes. Old terracotta tiles are always the most brittle roof tile type.  Modern concrete roof tiles are generally less breakable, but some varieties of old concrete roof tiles were made using inferior material mixes and can break easily. This is not something to immediately lose sleep over, any experienced roof workers and gutter cleaners should recognise fragile roofs once arriving at your property.

Our staff working together to clean and repair an old metal leaf guard on an even older concrete tiled roof. This is one of the most sensitive concrete tile types in Melbourne.

If roof tiles are broken our gutter cleaners can easily attend to this issue. Looking into the crawl space underneath your house is one way of finding spare tiles, any leftover tiles are often placed there during construction. Most houses already have spare tiles on site but if you don’t have enough spares there are two main options. We can repair your broken tile using top quality roof and gutter silicone, or if necessary we can replace the broken tile with one of your spares.

If necessary we can also supply you with a stack of spare tiles meaning any future breakages can be fixed ASAP. Regardless of your roof tile profile, we can source matching replacements. It is quite easy for us to find a backup stack of spare tiles for your roof.

We are always happy to fix a few broken tiles wherever possible, but there is a limit to the repairs that we can offer.  In many cases the repair and restoration needs for your roof will be beyond our service, if this is the case you may need a roof tiler or plumber.

Old and worn terracotta roof tiles.

We are experts at accessing old fragile roofs, we take great care to employ only the most suitable staff for this type of work. Whether your roof is metal, terracotta, slate or concrete; we have experienced it all before! See the other pages of this site to see examples of the roof types that we regularly clean gutters on.

Flushing out a downpipe on an old terracotta tiled roof.

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