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Our staff Water flushing of Gutters and Downpipes
Hosing out gutters and downpipes in the suburb of Balwyn, Melbourne.

A simple garden hose is one of the many useful gutter cleaning tools. We use a variety of different methods. Most of the debris in your gutters and downpipes will be removed using hand tools. Some of the tools we use are buckets, small gutter rakes, brushes, brooms and rubber gloves. We’ve been cleaning gutters since 2001 so we know what works best. We are always researching new products to maintain up-to-date knowledge of what other gutter cleaning systems may be available.

gutter sweeping
Any debris that falls to the ground is carefully swept up with brooms.

An important tool in all cleaning industries is water; roof and gutter cleaning is no exception. Once the majority of debris has been removed from your gutters and downpipes, we may need to use water and a hose to flush out the remaining residue.

Water is a particularly important tool in clearing blocked downpipes, water is also used to test downpipes and ensure flowage is perfect. Any rubbish that has fallen to the ground during the main stage of gutter cleaning will be carefully swept up and placed wherever appropriate. Normally this leaf and tree debris will be placed either on your garden or in your compost waste bins. For an additional fee we can remove the rubbish from your property.

Using the finishing method of water flushing our staff leave your gutters perfectly free flowing!

Water flushing of Gutters and Downpipes Melbourne
Clearing and flushing of gutters that are under a shade awning mount. You can see the shade system above our staff members right hand.

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