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Gutter and Skylight Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning doesn’t just stop at clearing blocked gutters. Our gutter cleaning services also expand to clearing obstructions and debris from roofing. When a roof has a skylight installed, this can prove to be a tricky task, especially when the area around the skylight has not been properly maintained in the past. The same can be said for other areas like the channel behind chimneys and hard to reach crevasses.

When it comes to clearing leaf debris around skylights, it’s always best to call in the professionals. Here is some information to consider to help you choose the right gutter cleaning or roof cleaning business for your circumstances.

Gutter Cleaning around a massive skylight channel
Cleaning around a massive skylight channel

Why is it important to keep skylights clear of leaves and other debris?

Skylights, like regular windows, are clear entry points to a building. Where there is an entry point, there is always the chance for leakages and damage to cause problems.

Much like when leaves build up in guttering systems, a dam can form around the edges of skylights, made up of anything from leaves to sticks to bird nests and other debris.

If a dam forms around your skylight through any of these means, it can divert the flow of water from heavy rainfall up over the top of the flashing of the skylight, rather than allowing it to flow around and underneath it, as it was designed to do.

When this occurs, your home is in danger of flooding from a downpour leaking in through the skylight which could lead to mould growth and structural damage.

So, the importance of keeping skylights clear of debris is clear. But how do you keep your skylights clean, maintained and in good working order?

How to clean leaf debris around skylights

The task of cleaning leaf debris around skylights can range from a relatively simple job to a big operation, depending on the condition of the skylight and how easy it is to access the blockage.

Sometimes, all a skylight needs is a quick sweep with a broom or brush to dislodge and clear any leaves or dirt that has gathered around it.

Most of the time though, we find that temporarily removing the roof tiles from around the skylight itself is the best and only way to effectively clear debris. The underflashing section of a skylight is where leaves, dirt, dust and other small bits and pieces build up over time. They become jammed against the underside of the roof tile causing the dam effect we spoke about earlier. This diverts the flow of water over the flashing and into the ceiling cavity, causing a noticeable leak in heavy rainfall.

Sweeping around a roof skylight
Part of gutter cleaning is sweeping around roof skylights. In this instance our gutter cleaners had to move the tiles.

If the roof is made of steel, generally it’s a matter of reaching under the lip and scooping out any debris that may have accumulated. With this type of roof, it’s harder to get a good look at the blockage, making it slightly harder to clean. It’s still an effective option, it just makes the job a little more difficult.

Once the debris is cleared, the roof tiles can be put back into their respective spots around the skylight and the area will be clean and clear until the next time maintenance is required.

If you’d like to provide a little extra protection to the underflashing of your skylight, ask us about our gutter protection today. We’re happy to look at the area around your skylight to see if any of our products can be modified to fit and help stop leaves and other debris from entering the underflashing. But we stress that gutter protection is unlikely to be a feasible fit option, for many flashing channels that surround add-on skylights.

Installing leaf guard around a chimney. The arrow points at the area behind chimneys where leaves collect.
Installing leaf guard around a chimney. The arrow points at the area behind chimneys where leaves collect.

Regardless, the only true way to ensure your skylight is kept clean and cleared is to have it properly maintained on a regular basis by gutter or roof clearing specialists.

Top causes of leaking skylights

Of course, leaves, debris, and other build up aren’t the only things that can cause a skylight to leak, though they are the most frequent.

Other causes include…

Improper installation

If your skylight has not been properly installed, you may find leakages can occur in heavy rainfall. Skylights must be installed at a particular angle and with good quality materials to prevent leakages and other issues.


Skylights are generally built sturdily, but different events (both natural and man-made) can cause damage to them, with you being none the wiser until you notice a leak. Particularly destructive hailstorms or winds can cause a skylight to break and leak, as can a heavy ball or other object landing on the roof and knocking the skylight. Care must be taken when working around skylights, as to not accidentally step on them and fall through.

If your guttering system or roof needs a good clean, or you’re having issues with a leaking skylight, we provide gutter cleaning services Melbourne-wide with a focus on gutter protection and window cleaning as well. We can help identify any issues you may be having and provide effective and efficient solutions. Our window cleaning gear is also used to clean skylights!

Get in touch with us today and we’ll set up an appointment to visit your residential or commercial property as soon as we possibly can.

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