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Should you get your Gutters Professionally Cleaned in Melbourne?

Many people question the value of hiring a professional service, feeling as though they can do a better job themselves while saving a bit of cash in the process. This may be the case for some household tasks, but gutter cleaning should be something that’s left to the professionals. This is particularly true on higher roofs.

‘What’s so important about having my gutters cleaned professionally?’, you ask.

There are many reasons why your gutters should be given high priority when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. An attempt to DIY this kind of task may end in serious injury, and will likely not produce the same pristine clean outcome as a professional service. Below, we discuss the importance of hiring gutter cleaning professionals, so you can have peace of mind that your roof and gutters are in top notch condition at all times.

What are the benefits of having your Melbourne gutters cleaned by a professional?

Structural issues quickly noticed

Regular maintenance is the easiest way to ensure your roof and gutter is in top condition. A professional cleaner is trained to identify any issues that may arise, so they’re noticed well before they become a major headache for you. Issues can range from sagging and rust to roof/gutter collapse and holes. Structural and foundational damage are also dangerous problems that can occur.

Regular checks of your gutter and roof will ensure any problems are dealt with before it becomes a big issue. Timely maintenance and repairs will also save you money in the long run. Extensive roof and gutter damage can be very costly to fix. It may also take some time to restore your gutters if damaged, regular maintenance guarantees you won’t get caught out having to find somewhere else to stay while repairs are in progress.

Is it Worth Getting Your Gutter Professionally Cleaned in Melbourne
A totally clear gutter with no more obstructions makes a happy home!

Removal of leaf litter, debris, and pests

Debris and leaf litter can build up in your gutters quite quickly, especially if there is an abundance of trees around your home like in Melbourne’s leafy Eastern Suburbs. Blockages can cause extensive water damage from overflow during the wet season, potentially exposing your home to the risk of damaged garden beds, paint and even foundations.

Blocked gutters may also affect your roof, as water may begin to pool and leak through if not properly sealed. Leaf litter and debris also poses a fire hazard, so it is especially important to keep them clean when the weather warms up.

Pests and vermin can also become a serious issue if they invade your gutters. Birds and rats build nests within gutters or in holes in your roof, which contributes to damage and may cause the spread of disease and parasites throughout your home. The last thing you want is vermin spreading their nasty germs through your house!

Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning makes quick work of debris and leaf litter that has piled up in your gutter, whilst also carefully removing any unwanted guests and installing pest-proof mesh to stop them returning.

No risk of injury

Attempting to clean your gutters yourself may sound like a good idea, however you can run the risk of injuring yourself. If you’re not careful, you could fall off the roof of your home or a ladder, causing serious harm to yourself or someone standing below.

Our expertly trained gutter cleaning technicians have gone through extensive safety training. They know exactly what to do and how to keep themselves and others safe, when it comes to cleaning, servicing and maintaining your gutters. We service all kinds of roofs and leaf guards throughout Melbourne.

If I were to partially clean my gutter beforehand, would I get a discount?

Not normally, and there is a good reason behind this…

Removing the surface debris is only a small part of the gutter cleaning process. Our staff get into the real nitty gritty cleaning, whilst bringing along and setting up all the tools and safety equipment needed to ensure the work is done properly. They put the hard work in, so you don’t have to. The process of properly setting up our equipment to access your roof is also a big part of the overall job.

Get your Melbourne gutter cleaned professionally. A proper gutter clean also includes a water flushing to dislodge sediment and ensure flowage.

Yes it’s Worth Getting Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned

All in all, it is absolutely worth having a professional clean your gutters in Melbourne. It will save you the time and effort of doing it yourself, whilst also providing peace of mind that your home is in capable hands. You can rest assured knowing that gutters are safe and sound and won’t end up costing you in the long run!

We also service surrounding towns and wider Victoria!

Kick your feet up, stay safe and let the professionals handle all your gutter cleaning needs. Contact us today!


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