How Roof Gutters Can Silt Up – Even Without Any Trees Around

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Dirt build up in a roof gutter
Scraping the roof gutter to dislodge the silt, this gutter had no overhanging trees but dirt and silt will eventually build up.

Did you know that your gutters can fill with dirt, even if there are no overhanging trees? Here’s why all gutters eventually need cleaning.

If you don’t have any trees overhanging your gutters, it can be very tempting to think that gutter cleaning isn’t necessary.

But before you decide to cross “cleaning the gutters” off your list of essential home maintenance tasks for good, did you know that trees are not the only thing that can cause potentially harmful build-up in your gutters?

See the above video link of just how clean a gutter is after a Grayson’s service!

Gutter grime

It’s near impossible for some build-up not to occur in open gutters – they are essentially horizontal containers after all! While it’s certainly the case that overhanging trees will deposit more leaves into your gutters, wind can carry leaves anywhere, and other materials like bird droppings and silt pose a problem regardless.

Silt is a small particle similar in size to sand or clay that can be carried by air or water. It can easily build up in your gutters and downpipes, it’s potentially corrosive, and it can lead to blockages.

roof gutter cleaning
Spraying the roof tiles with a chemical that will kill the lichen, this is in preparation for a full roof & gutter clean. Once the lichen is fully removed it will reduce silting in future, ordinarily lots of the lichen and moss washes down into the gutter contributing to silt build up.

Why and when to clean

Gutters filled with dirt, silt or leaves don’t look the best, and more importantly, they pose a potential fire risk and can lead to blocked drains and leaks within your home.

The best way to avoid potential issues – and expensive repairs – is to make monitoring your gutters a regular task. Ideally they should be checked and cleaned at least once a year as a matter of routine, and they might also need a once-over after a severe storm or particularly wild weather.

Gutter cleaning made easy

Cleaning the gutters can be a tedious and potentially risky task, especially if your home isn’t single level. If you’re in need of gutter cleaning in Melbourne, but you’re not keen on getting up a ladder, contact us. Our professional team will ensure the job is done right (and safely) every time, and can also offer innovative product solutions that can help minimise the need for gutter maintenance. Please call 1300 472 976

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