Gutter Protection Tailored to Fit around Roof Accessories and Obstacles

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Custom gutter mesh
Making the final cut to fit the mesh into the valley edge.

A gutter protection install that we did in Forest Hill, Melbourne. The mesh colour is heritage red to blend in with the terracotta roof tiles and the angle trims (metal strips attached to the top of the gutter lip) are an off-white to match the gutter. We even use coloured screws! The gutter protection mesh is tucked under the second row of roof tiles. Our staff have used about 4-5 screws for each linear metre of gutter, this will maximise the strength of the system.

gutter protection installed on a roof
When completed a ski-slope gutter protection system can really compliment the roof! Our staff go to great lengths to ensure the best fit possible.

Along the edge of roofing there will be obstacles such as chimneys, satellite dishes, TV antennas, stink pipes, ridges and valleys. Gutter protection can be tailored to fit almost any roof in Melbourne. Call us for gutter cleaning and gutter protection advice today 1300 472 976.

Grayson's team at work
Some gutter protection companies will ask you to pay a 50% deposit before they will start cutting the material in their warehouse. In this photo our men are cutting the mesh to fit in the clients driveway!
Fitting the Triple-G™ leaf guard mes
Fitting the Triple-G™ leaf guard mesh around a chimney


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