Gutter Cleaning Business Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Grayson’s recently celebrated our 10th anniversary in business. Very few gutter cleaning companies in Australia can honestly say that they have been in business for ten years.

Originally the business was formed as a sole trader business in December 2001 by the current owner Grayson O’Connor.

With our ten years of experience we have devised efficient systems that many of our competitors attempt to imitate and we have gained valuable knowledge of quality gutter cleaning products. This experience and knowledge was gained by hard work and hands on experience. We know what systems work for different scenarios.  We have cleaned gutters on all kinds of buildings and we can access roofs that many of our competitors would not even attempt.

We know that gutter cleaning is not always the long term solution to roof guttering blockages and we can advise you on whether there may be other causes to the problem that you may not be aware of.

Grayson's 10th Anniversary

This photo was taken by one of our valued staff members on the roof of a house in Boroondara in Melbourne and shows just how clean and clear a gutter will be after a thorough gutter cleaning service.  We look forward to the future of gutter cleaning in Australia.

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