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  • Re-siliconing the ridge joins of gutter protection

    Gutter Protection Maintenance and Repair of Edge Join Splitting

     Some photos of leaf guard cleaning and repair. The old gutter protection system in these photos was installed in the early 2000s. It has done a fantastic job of keeping the gutters clear, but there are some small cracks that we are fixing. After removing the mesh to flush out the gutter, we re-install and then […]

  • gutter protection

    Box Gutter with Tiled Roof – Leaf Guard Installation

    The sequence of photos below shows just how blocked a gutter can be before we clean it. The overhanging bush was cut back and we installed a permanent leaf guard onto the box gutter. This system will provide the roof with many years of tough protection. We use the highest quality materials. Each roof is […]

  • silicone on to a gutter mesh join

    Gutter Protection Repair and Replacement

    Salvaging your old Gutter Protection Systems! We are repairing old leaf guards in Melbourne. Many old gutter protection systems are salvageable. With a bit of TLC from our professional gutter cleaners your gutter protection system will be back in working order. We go to great effort to ensure the leaf guard is put back in its correct position, replacement is […]

  • Valley Seal Dry valley

    What is Valley Seal?

    What You Need to Know About Valley Seal Valley Seal is an innovative product that helps preserve your roof valleys, and ensures they perform as they should. Valley seal eliminates the need for expensive cement bedding. Let’s take a look at Valley Seal, and how it can help keep your roof in top condition over […]

  • Ladder safety at work and home

    How to use Ladders Safely at Work and Home

    If you use ladders in the workplace and at home, being safety conscious is important in order to lower the risk of a fall and a potentially serious injury. How safety conscious are you when it comes to ladders? It can be easy not to give safety a second thought when you’re up a ladder […]

  • Gutters flooding in Melbourne

    Massive Rainfall Flooding Gutters across Melbourne

    Don’t wait till it’s too late to unblock your Roof Gutters. Since Thursday the weather forecasters have been warning of massive rainfall. We have been inundated with bookings for immediate gutter cleaning in Melbourne. Grayson’s Gutter Cleaners are out in force. There could be more big summer rains coming, so call us ASAP to arrange […]

  • Gutter blocked by an exotic plant growth

    Worst gutter blockage of the YEAR – 2017

    This roof wins the prize for worst case of blocked gutters we’ve seen all year! Recently at a house in Upwey, Melbourne we found this plant growing in a customer’s gutters. Our cleaners had to cut out the base of the plant and then gradually uproot it. The roots had even spread under the first tiles and […]

  • How to Find a Roof Cleaner for Pressure Washing

    Roof Cleaning: Why You Need to Remove Moss and Mould Many people love the look of moss, but while it’s perfectly at home in a rainforest, your roof isn’t the place you want to cultivate it! A build-up of mould, moss or lichen can potentially lead to structural damage, and may prevent rain from running […]

  • roof gutter cleaning

    How Roof Gutters Can Silt Up – Even Without Any Trees Around

    Did you know that your gutters can fill with dirt, even if there are no overhanging trees? Here’s why all gutters eventually need cleaning. If you don’t have any trees overhanging your gutters, it can be very tempting to think that gutter cleaning isn’t necessary. But before you decide to cross “cleaning the gutters” off […]

  • Quad Gutter - The most common gutter type in Australia

    Quad Gutters – The Most Common Gutter Profile in Australia

    Did you know quad gutters are one of the most popular guttering options? Find out more about the design and materials in our latest blog. Until it comes time to update or replace your gutters, a common assumption is that all gutters are the same. In fact, you have a number of gutter types to […]