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  • Gutter Cleaning on a shopping mall

    Commercial Gutter & Window Cleaning Services

    Grayson’s has proudly provided our cleaning services to commercial buildings since our very beginning in 2001. We have provided our cleaning services to offices, shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, factories, schools, medical practices and sports complexes. Our cleaning service can be scheduled according to your business hours. The featured image of this blog shows our staff cleaning gutters on the […]

  • Leaf Guard Meshes and other applications like bird proofing

    We use meshes of varying sizes depending on the roof and gutter requirements. This webpage shows photos of our gutter protection mesh and also one of our bird proofing meshes. The metal mesh is a heavy duty fencing mesh that we have cut out to block a pigeon entry point in a commercial roof. The featured […]

  • Leaf debris around skylights

    There are numerous places on any roof where leaf debris can accumulate. A difficult task in roof gutter cleaning is clearing the narrow channel around skylights. In some cases it is necessary to move the roof tiles to clean these skylight roof channels. The above photo shows one of our staff clearing the top part […]

  • NOT ALL downpipes are equal

    Not all Downpipes are Equal

    Downpipe shape, pitch and profile can greatly affect water flow. In this article we explain some common downpipe design flaws and how properly designed downpipes mean less gutter cleaning for you. Downpipes are a very important part of your roof guttering system. The size, shape and pitch of your S-bend will effect the rate of water […]

  • Bats block up gutters and cleaning is needed

    Bats Contribute to Blocked Gutters and Dirty Windows

    Did you know that bats contribute to blocked gutter problems and dirty windows in Melbourne? In this article we explain how. Bats are freaky animals, whether it’s their fang-like teeth or their nocturnal lifestyle, people have long had reason to be scared of bats. There’s about ten different species of bats in Melbourne and an estimated 100,000 bats […]

  • Re-siliconing the ridge joins of gutter protection

    Gutter Protection Maintenance and Repair of Edge Join Splitting

     Some photos of leaf guard cleaning and repair. The old gutter protection system in these photos was installed in the early 2000s. It has done a fantastic job of keeping the gutters clear, but there are some small cracks that we are fixing. After removing the mesh to flush out the gutter, we re-install and then […]

  • gutter protection

    Box Gutter with Tiled Roof – Leaf Guard Installation

    The sequence of photos below shows just how blocked a gutter can be before we clean it. The overhanging bush was cut back and we installed a permanent leaf guard onto the box gutter. This system will provide the roof with many years of tough protection. We use the highest quality materials. Each roof is […]

  • silicone on to a gutter mesh join

    Gutter Protection Repair and Replacement

    Salvaging your old Gutter Protection Systems! We are repairing old leaf guards in Melbourne. Many old gutter protection systems are salvageable. With a bit of TLC from our professional gutter cleaners your gutter protection system will be back in working order. We go to great effort to ensure the leaf guard is put back in its correct position, replacement is […]

  • Valley Seal Dry valley

    What is Valley Seal?

    What You Need to Know About Valley Seal Valley Seal is an innovative product that helps preserve your roof valleys, and ensures they perform as they should. Valley seal eliminates the need for expensive cement bedding. Let’s take a look at Valley Seal, and how it can help keep your roof in top condition over […]

  • Ladder safety at work and home

    How to use Ladders Safely at Work and Home

    If you use ladders in the workplace and at home, being safety conscious is important in order to lower the risk of a fall and a potentially serious injury. How safety conscious are you when it comes to ladders? It can be easy not to give safety a second thought when you’re up a ladder […]