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  • Wackiest Bird Spikes Install, Ever!

    The wackiest bird spikes install we’ve ever seen was inside the floor of a box gutter, learn how we can advise on more suitable bird control options! We’ve installed bird spikes on many different surfaces. Normally bird spikes are installed onto ledges and parapet edges of roofs. Some other places where we install bird spikes […]

  • Concrete tiles gutter cleaner

    Different Roof Tiles can make Gutter Cleaning easier

    Gutter Cleaning on Tiled Roofs Which type of roof tiles you have on your house can make a difference when it comes to gutter blockage. About half of the roof tiles in Melbourne are concrete and the other half are mostly terracotta. In newer constructions concrete tiles are becoming more common, concrete tiles are often […]

  • Easy to remove gutter protection by Grayson's

    Choosing the right gutter protection mesh

    Some gutter protection systems fail in the springtime. They give you good protection during summer, autumn and winter but in spring, fine particles of pollen seeds and bark penetrate the mesh. Finer mesh designs may be better at protecting your gutter in spring. The quality of the mesh you’re buying is important. The holes in a leaf guard […]

  • The Grayson's Gutter Cleaning and Window Cleaning trademark

    The original Grayson’s Trade Mark™

    The original Grayson’s™ trademark from 2009 will soon reach its 10th anniversary. Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning and Grayson’s Window Cleaning are here to stay! We’ve serviced residential, commercial and industrial buildings since our beginning on the 14th of December 2001; the window cleaner cartoon you see in the logo was drawn only a few weeks before. Originally the […]

  • Bird proofing TV antennas with bird spikes

    Bird Spikes on TV Antennas

    Are you tired of seeing pest birds perching on your TV antenna? We have the expertise and the equipment to safely access your roof and install our bird spikes on to the horizontal sections of your television antennas. Installation of these bird spikes will not interfere with your crisp TV picture quality! TV antennas are […]

  • Installing bird spikes on a window ledge

    Repair of Bird Control Systems

    We often come across old bird proofing and bird control systems on roofs and building ledges. Bird control barriers like bird spikes can deteriorate with age and exposure to harsh weather. We can replace old bird spikes, usually with modern improved parts. Up on top of roofs it is very common to find pieces of […]

  • Gutter Cleaning on a shopping mall

    Commercial Gutter & Window Cleaning Services

    Grayson’s has proudly provided our cleaning services to commercial buildings since our very beginning in 2001. We have provided our cleaning services to offices, shops, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, factories, schools, medical practices and sports complexes. Our cleaning service can be scheduled according to your business hours. The featured image of this blog shows our staff cleaning gutters on the […]

  • Leaf Guard Meshes and other applications like bird proofing

    We use meshes of varying sizes depending on the roof and gutter requirements. This webpage shows photos of our gutter protection mesh and also one of our bird proofing meshes. The metal mesh is a heavy duty fencing mesh that we have cut out to block a pigeon entry point in a commercial roof. The featured […]

  • Leaf debris around skylights

    There are numerous places on any roof where leaf debris can accumulate. A difficult task in roof gutter cleaning is clearing the narrow channel around skylights. In some cases it is necessary to move the roof tiles to clean these skylight roof channels. The above photo shows one of our staff clearing the top part […]

  • NOT ALL downpipes are equal

    Not all Downpipes are Equal

    Downpipe shape, pitch and profile can greatly affect water flow. In this article we explain some common downpipe design flaws and how properly designed downpipes mean less gutter cleaning for you. Downpipes are a very important part of your roof guttering system. The size, shape and pitch of your S-bend will effect the rate of water […]