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Retail Goods Available

Grayson’s have a number of retail products available for purchase. See our current range below, and call us on 1300 472 976 for more information.

All prices include GST


Gutter Mesh available for DIY

Supply (at retail price) and installation of our Triple-G gutter mesh is a service we offer to the public and commercial clients. Triple-G gutter protection is a fantastic choice for DIY installers. It is tougher than any other non-metallic gutter mesh out there.

Triple-G gutter protection mesh is available for $9.90 per metre (minimum quantity 30 metres).

Triple-G mesh comes in 30 metre rolls with 2 tubes of our high grade roof silicone. For anyone with fascia gutters wanting a top quality DIY gutter guard, this is a fantastic choice. The standard cut width is 25cm, this wider size allows the installer to cut it down smaller once they’ve test inserted it into their gutter, but if you need us to supply Triple-G at a smaller width just ask.

Triple-G is a high demand product, some of our colours may be out of stock, but call Grayson’s now to ask if we have your colour available.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes available for DIY

We also supply bird spikes and the innovative product valley seal.

In small quantities our bird spikes are as cheap as $19.99 per metre + shipping (minimum 10 metres). We include 2 tubes of our high grade roof silicone for every 10 metres ordered.

Valley Seal

Valley Seal available for DIY

Commercial grade valley seal is available for $11.00 per metre + shipping (minimum 10 metres).

Roof Silicone (300g tubes)

Roof Silicone available for DIY

Our high grade roof silicone is provided free with purchases of Triple-G gutter mesh or our bird spikes. But if you need more silicone we supply it at $9.90 per tube + shipping.

How to Order

If you prefer to ‘do it yourself’ rather than have Grayson’s products supplied and professionally installed, please feel free to contact us on 1300 472 976.

If you’re in Melbourne, come to our office in Box Hill North to pick up your order!