Installing pigeon spikes as a deterrent

Pigeon bird proofing

The acidic droppings and activity of the Rock Pigeon causes many millions of dollars damage to roofing every year worldwide. Bird Spikes can be a great way of deterring this bird from ledges. Some councils and pest controllers will trap and kill or shoot these birds in an attempt to eradicate them but within months […]

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Gutter Cleaning Balwyn

One of our main service areas is Balwyn as our office is located nearby. Balwyn is an example of a suburb with a very high percentage of large double storey houses, many of them on steep sloping blocks, which can create an almost three to four storey height roof gutter.  Gutter cleaning on double storey houses […]

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Bird Spikes on a window awning

Bird Proofing Melbourne

Pest birds are a problem in Melbourne.  We’ve covered various topics including Pigeon control and Myna control. Smaller birds like Starlings and Indian Mynas have a bad reputation for entering your roof via the gutters and nesting in the eaves. You probably won’t notice the birds are in your roof until the eggs hatch and you hear the […]

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