Repair of Old Gutter Guards – Saddles to Corrugated Metal

Replacing the saddles on an old gutter guard.

We are able to clean and repair old gutter guards of various types. Many houses in Melbourne have old ‘ski slope’ style gutter protection that dates back to the late 1990s and even the early 1990s. Some of these 90s gutter meshes may be beyond repair, but if you still have your angle trims in place we can easily replace your old mesh with high quality Triple-G mesh! Angle trims are the long pieces of metal that go on top of the gutter lip and sit in between the mesh and the fixing screws.

The house in the photos is a corrugated metal roof in the suburb of Northcote, Melbourne. During a recent renovation the painters and roofers removed the old roof saddles and discarded them. Saddles are the small metal plates holding the top of the gutter guard to the roof ribs. We provided matching coloured ‘gull grey’ saddles to return this system to almost brand new again. The mesh in this system is the same as our Triple-G. One saddle is screwed into place for every second roof rib. We can supply roof saddles of many different colours.

Ski slope style gutter guards can be difficult to properly clean, but our staff service these systems every week. With these permanently attached gutter guards, the fixing screws must be removed and then reattached after cleaning. With the screws removed we peal back the gutter guard mesh and remove the sludge, water flushing will also be used wherever necessary. If the mesh is caving in, we can attach extra screws to the gutter lip to strengthen your system. Some ski slope gutter protection systems only have one screw per linear metre of gutter, for maximum strength we recommend that at least 3 screws be used per metre.

The old gutter guard with new saddles installed. One saddle for every second roof rib.

We are experts at cleaning and repairing old gutter guards. We look forward to providing our gutter guard services to you soon. (03) 9899-5886