Gutter Guard Service and Repairs

One of our staff carefully repairing an old metal gutter guard.

Gutter Guard Repair

The featured image is one of our staff repairing and cleaning a permanently attached gutter guard in Surrey Hills in Melbourne. There are about 100 different self taping screws holding the mesh to the gutter edge. Over time the mesh can break away at the point where it meets the screwed edge, we had to add lots of extra screws to restore it to it’s original position. We can repair, clean and even replace these old gutters guards. Our staff are equipped with the necessary power drills and replacement meshes.

If your permanently attached gutter guard has been neglected for many years, it may be necessary to remove almost every screw in the cleaning process. Gutter guards can stretch slightly and warp due to extreme heat, in some cases it will not be possible to replace the existing mesh into its exact original position. For this reason we recommend that easy to remove gutter guards are normally the better option.

Our gutter guard system does not require permanent screwed fixing, there is more info about this on our main gutter guard page.

Warning Regarding Leafguard Guarantees

Permanently attached gutter guards often come with misleading promises of 20+ year guarantees. We are sorry to say that these written guarantees are often not worth the paper they’re written on. Gutter guards are exposed to some very harsh heat and winds over the seasons, it may be completely unfeasible for the original installers to return to your property 10-20 years later. Recently we have witnessed one of Australia’s most established and respected Gutter Guard companies being dissolved.

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