Gutter Guard Prices, Leaf Protection Systems

Preparing for a Guard installation in Blackburn South, Melbourne.

The prices for gutter guard vary between properties. There are many factors involved in pricing a gutter guard installation, but length of gutters in linear metres is the main factor. Most houses have less than 80 metres of guttering.

Once our professional gutter cleaners arrive at your property we will measure the length of your gutters to determine how much gutter guard material will be needed. The price for gutter guard installation will include a complete gutter clean of the lengths of gutter that we are covering.

1020mm by 30 metre rolls of our gutter mesh in it’s uncut form. Once arriving at your property we will assess your guttering to determine the right size. Regular quad gutters normally require our mesh to be cut between 180mm to 220mm.


We use the highest quality gutter guard available. Our gutter protection system is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with carbon black under strands. These co-polymer materials mean stronger, longer lasting mesh. Our installers will be happy to show you a sample of this amazing Australian product!

Some other pricing factors are:

  • difficulty of roof access
  • how much debris is on your roof?
  • does your guttering have internal brackets?
  • when were the gutters previously cleaned?
  • will you require a complete gutter protection? Our price per metre will generally be cheaper for larger quantities.

A gutter on an old terracotta roof cleaned and ready for our expert guard installation.

If you don’t require gutter protection we can offer a simple but thorough gutter cleaning¬†service. We are always happy to advise you on other effective ideas that will minimise the need for ongoing roof maintenance.

One of our vehicles transporting thousands of metres of gutter protection mesh!

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