Gutter Guard Meshes and other applications like bird proofing

We use meshes of varying sizes depending on the roof and gutter requirements. This webpage shows photos of our gutter guard mesh and also one of our bird proofing meshes. The metal mesh is a heavy duty fencing mesh that we have cut out to block a pigeon entry point in a commercial roof. The featured image shows us protecting the entry of a large downpipe that has a pigeon entry point deeper inside.

There was a flock of pigeons nesting inside the roof, this pest bird activity contributes to gutter blockage as the birds will bring nest debris with them and also defecate on the roof. Before installing the pest bird barrier we also cleared the gutters and downpipes of blockages caused by bird fouling. In the case of pigeon netting we use a larger sized mesh because pigeons are larger birds, it is important to ensure that leaf debris doesn’t get caught in this mesh.

Pigeon control

One of our staff installing heavy duty fencing mesh to block a pigeon entry point

The presence of pigeons does millions of dollars of damage to buildings across the world every year. Pigeons are introduced pests in Australia, the public is allowed to eradicate them humanely. We are able to locate pigeon entry points once we have inspected your property. For gutter guard installations we only use plastic mesh as this fits the gutter more snugly then metal materials.

Our high quality gutter guard mesh

Our high quality gutter guard mesh

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A bucket full of children's balls found inside roof gutters on a house

A bucket full of children’s balls found inside roof gutters on a house